Environmental Practices

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Energy Savings
We have recently installed a 100Kw Solar Panel array, consisting of over 310 high-tech solar panels, Tesla storage batteries and elecricity grid integration. This will significantly reduce our direct energy consumption and allow guests access to solar-powered charging station.

Airconditioning units have been fitted with smart controllers to manage the temperature and power consumption at each unit and guest rooms are fitted with energy saving devices to switch off power when unoccupied.

Water Savings
With around 3 acres of grounds and tropical gardens we are able to reduce our water consumtion of potable drinking water through the use of bore pumps and sprinklers that recycle ground water back to enhance gardens.

Guest rooms are also fitted with water savings devices and toilets to allow guests to make their contribution.

Waste Reduction
Working in conjunction with local council and waste service contractors we are able to reduce – sort – recycle all hotels waste products prior to removal – effectively reducing our landfill impact.

Environmental Protections
In consultation with a range of product suppliers, we have been able to minimise the types of chemicals and cleaning agents used throughout the hotel and ensure all such products are biodegradeable and have the least possible impact on our wider environment.

We use ozone-friendly gases in our air conditioners and refrigeration cooling units, and keep their efficiency at top level by maintaining them regularly.

We save used vegetable oils and pass them on to specialist companies for free where they process the waste oils into recycled biofuels.